Team Photos & Portraits

Working with team admins, coaches, families and players to provide a great experience all around. Nate provides a more personalized experience. The goal is not to heard the team through like sheep, but instead spend a little more time per athlete for better results and additional options for parents and the organization.

Signs & Design

Photography, design, and printing services for senior signs, cut-outs, banners, player cards, team books, and more.

Custom Designed Player Cards for Kimberly Basketball


"photographing the journey"

Nate has over a decade of experience working with a variety of sports including baseball, football, basketball, rowing, soccer, swim + dive, and wrestling.In recent years, Nate has added surfing, gymnastics, dance, motocross, and surfing into the mix.

When possible, Nate is usually one of the first to arrive to the location, and one of the last to leave after the conclusion of the game. He believes the story starts before the players take the field/court. Nate will look to capture moments of the players exiting the bus. Walking through the parking lot. Interactions with coaches, parents, and other players. He believes in capturing moments of the journey.

Drone Photo & Video

Certified Commercial Drone Pilot

Highlight your facilities or property with a view from the sky.


More info coming soon

About Nate
& North Shore Sports Media

North Shore Sports Media is headed by Nate Perry. After years of seeing his photos printed cheaply and thrown into chaotic designs, Nate decided to start offering more services to sports teams & organizations so he could see his photos presented in the best possible way.Nate believes in investing just a little more time when it comes to things like "Photo Day" and a little more money when it comes to things like senior signs. The end result is worth it.

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